Dubois’ Bravest Risk Life and Limb Again

Our wonderful firefighters always stand ready to race out of their comfort zone for our sakes. But usually not just for our amusement.

The Fireman’s Dance on Saturday night was billed as an opportunity for our brave volunteers to thank the town of Dubois for its support (and ask for more). I turned out because, of course, I support our extraordinary fire-fighters but also, to be truthful, because not much else is going on just now.

Dancing aside, the chief entertainment on offer was the prospect of seeing our brave young men compete in a race on toy tricycles. I had no idea they would be racing in full fire-fighting gear including helmets! I also didn’t expect a small catastrophe …

You can read my full account of the event, in the form of a sports report, which appeared yesterday on the County 10 website (Dubois Volunteer Firefighters Rise to the Challenge Again). Here, you can enjoy the other pictures I wasn’t able to post there.

There’s nothing to tell about my dancing skills. I didn’t dance (though others did, and it was a pleasure to watch). I was too busy taking pictures.

Firefighter Chris Sabatka tries out one of the racers in a pre-heat spin.
Mike Franchini’s bike explodes on contact. Sabotage? Terrorism? Faulty design?
Reassembled by his crewmates, Franchini’s bike survives a trial lap.
Local businesses contributed and decorated the bikes. Mexican restaurant El Jarro’s came complete with sombrero and pinata.
El Jarro’s bike on the move, complete with sombrero’ed rider.
At the starting line, ready to roll.
Heading for one of the many collisions in the race. As I said, our guys are always ready to risk life and limb (but not usually just for our amusement).

© Lois Wingerson, 2016

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