Why Dubois, Wyoming? Look Here!

The brand-new Destination Dubois website shows in living color all the good reasons to come this way.


I’m so pleased to draw your attention to the best view you could get of Dubois without actually being here. It’s on the new website sponsored by the Dubois Chamber of Commerce.*

Please do take a moment to go to www.duboiswyoming.org (or just click the first result when you google the search term “Dubois WY”) and feast your eyes.

Many of the stunning images have been contributed by Dubois residents. Local artist Gary Keimig took the lovely background picture of a sunrise above, and Sally Wulbrecht, curator of the Dubois Museum, took the pictures of the horses and hikers.

The first thing you see when you click on the website are four eye-popping images that rotate across the screen, starting with Molly Moore’s catch of two bighorn sheep:


followed by Sally’s placid vision of a mountain valley:


and concluding with the “call to action”:


The new website lays out in one place the many compelling reasons to discover Dubois, such as those below:


You’ll see many more by going to the page duboiswyoming.org/activities and scrolling down, or clicking on any of the labels beneath the horizontal brown bar at the top.

Please, if you already know and love Dubois, tell your friends about the new website by any means of communication you employ. Especially please notice the social media buttons at upper left and use them to “like” the site.

I’m going to start doing that right now, today. (Full disclosure: I wrote the text for the site. Please let me know if you find something that ought to be changed.)

© Lois Wingerson, 2016

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*and funded by tourism tax dollars administered through the Wind River Visitors Council.




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I am a retired science journalist, devoted to enjoying and recording the many pleasures of life in the Wyoming's Upper Wind River Valley.

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