Joys of Dubois: Flying Sheets

Some days it seems a crime to turn on the dryer. FlyingSheets

But memo to self: Hang pillowcases before you hang the sheets, or the wind will grab the line away from you and you may never be able to reach it again.

Yesterday I stood for a looooooooong time waiting for the gusts to die down so that I could hang the rest of the load. Hair whips around your head and you have a moment of exhilaration in the middle of an ordinary day.

Later, from my desk, I could hear constant flapping in the wind. I could almost fantasize that I was offshore (wherever that is).

The baby-cheek softness isn’t there at bedtime, of course, but the outdoor fragrance is fabulous.

Meanwhile, I’ve had yet another reason to leave the desk and get outdoors.

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Author: LivingDubois

I am a retired science journalist, devoted to enjoying and recording the many pleasures of life in the Wyoming's Upper Wind River Valley.

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