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Lois Wingerson
Lois Wingerson

Thanks for looking in.

I am a recently retired science writer and editor.

I’m also a wife, mother, and dog owner. You can see the dog in some of my posts about hikes.

Except for three years in London and two years in Frankfurt, Germany, I have spent my entire adult life in New York City. I grew up in the midwest.

My husband and I came to the Lazy L&B guest ranch east of Dubois one summer in the late 1980s with our toddler son, returned 3 times with both kids, and gradually (like so many others) fell in love with the area. We bought property here in 2007.

For many years I was a member of our block party committee in Brooklyn. Here in Dubois, I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Dubois Museum Association. I volunteer regularly at the farmers’ market and the square dance.

I’m a member of Protestant churches in Dubois and Brooklyn.

Living Dubois is intended to help people fortunate enough to discover Dubois WY to gain a feeling for the many pleasures of being here. It’s not an easy task, in part because I’m sure there are many I haven’t yet experienced.

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  1. Just wanted to thank you for writing about my father. Fritz Stevens it was an unexpected joy to see the picture of him tying his knots. It is always so wonderful when I discover another friend of my father. Thank you
    Oly Grim

  2. I love your blog. My hubby, 8 yr old son and I vacationed in Dubois a month ago. We fell in love. So much, that my son was crying when we left. And then it happened……. why couldn’t we just sale everything and move? So our house is being sold and we are hoping to find a nice rental and continue on with our cleaning business. Thank you so much for reminding me of the joys of Dubois.


    1. Congratulations, April. You and your family discovered Dubois!

      I can assure you that you will be able to continue with your cleaning business here. There is a great need for cleaning services in Dubois, as well as for other services. So many retirees have homes here but not the ability to do everything that needs to be done around the house. In fact, when I have the time I hope to set up a Facebook group people can use to find and arrange handyman services.

      Your 8-year-old son will have a wonderful childhood here.

      Do let me know when you arrive!

  3. I like your blog. See quite a few people from DuBois down here in Lander! Going to visit soon!

  4. There are very few messages that arrive in my email inbox that I read immediately. Living Dubois is one. We’re a few years from retirement still, but I have developed an infatuation for this place I’ve never been through your blog. Keep writing, and I’ll keep dreaming, and hopefully soon we will make our way cross country to see how the reality compares to the dream.

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful words, Chris. What a great thing to read at the end of a busy day!

      Let me know when you’re coming out. I’d enjoy meeting you, of course.

  5. Thanks for your updates. We are also “in love” with Dubois and have a place under construction there now. We are kind of waiting for the weather to break; but hope to have it done this summer! I am sure we will see you around town at some point.

  6. I moved to Dubois in 1967 after graduating high school lived there for 35 years I can relate to your writings about Dubois and enjoy reading and seeing the pictures.
    Thanks Rick Ebersberger

  7. What a gift of words that you have! Thank you for sharing!
    I immediately fell in love with Dubois and its people when we bought our summer home six years ago. My passion is being involved within the community and helping to make a difference for all who live and pass through this special place.

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