And Now, The Rest of the Story …

Thanks to all who wrote me expressing concern.

The test came back negative. Is this good news or bad news? You tell me …

I continue to feel exhausted and achy, on and off. The nurse says a lot of this is going around, and it tests negative.

Author: LivingDubois

I am a retired science journalist, devoted to enjoying and recording the many pleasures of life in the Wyoming's Upper Wind River Valley.

6 thoughts on “And Now, The Rest of the Story …”

  1. Sounds like good news to me. See your health as perfect. Glad you got the news you did. Love your blog.


  2. Could you have been bitten by a tick or another little critter? I hope you feel better soon; I love reading your blog and always look forward to your posts.


  3. Really enjoy these………..julie from KS. we’re fine. a bit warm here in KS 90 to 0ver 100*. be safe. js


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